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BEST - Board of European Students of Technology - Grenoble INP is a 1901 association part of an international network spread in 94 university through Europe, reuniting more than 3300 students of technology. Here you can learn what we provide to our students, university and partners. Our goal is to develop students from Grenoble INP by providing complementary education and out-of-school experiences

About us

94 Local BEST Groups (LBGs) in 34 countries are creating a growing, well organized, powerful, young and innovative student network.

In Grenoble, more than 30 members work every day to provide activities, formations and academic courses to Grenoble INP's students, and help them discover Europe through those events.

Our mission

BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.

Our community

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students from all over Europe and to build links between the three members of the triangle always stronger: “Students, Industries and Universities”. If you’d like to discover more, check the official website

Our events

BEST goal is to develop European students of technology by empowering our diversity. The main idea is to travel and to meet new realities, to challenge people to exit their comfort zone and live a more complete experience during their path through university.

A one week seminary on Innovative Materials

Every year, we organize a one week course for 25 students from all over Europe. During this week, they have the opportunity to discover a subject, make friends and discover our city. This year, our course will focus on the Innovative Materials, with more than 25 hours of lectures, tutorials, labs and company visit.

EBEC is the BEST Engineering Competition in Europe, conducted by students for students.Teams that are composed by 4 students from technology fields, regardless of status of their degree, are challenged to solve the tasks that are provided by BEST in 3 different competition levels : local, national and European

Engineering BEST European Competition

Regional Meeting

Four days in Grenoble

In Autumn 2019, we organized the half-yearly meeting of the Region 10.

This region includes the Local BEST Groups of Almada, Messina, Madrid Carlos III, Brussels ULB, Barcelona, Lyon, Turin, Zurich and Grenoble.

During four days, some members of each local group attended trainings performed by experienced BEST members in order to improve their softskills and their knowledge of the association. 








Matthieu Hardy
Antonin Dupré
Vice President for Internal Services
Antoine Devos
Vice President for External Services
Simon Malatrait
Nicolas Carvalho
Tom Chardon
FR coordinator

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